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As John headed to the bathroom, I felt a warmth ooze from my ass; I immediately thought I'd bled at being stretched. I reached back and felt the liquid coming from my ass and I realized John had just ridden my bareback and dumped his cum in my ass.

Anwl lay there; used, fucked and ridden as John's cum oozed from my ass over my balls. I thought I'd be furious, as I'd been clear about wanting safe fun; yet it only added to my feeling of having been slutily used and ridden by this man.

I felt turned on and horny; and went to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and as John's cum dropped from my asshole, I wanked myself to an intense orgasm. I came back into AAmature room and found my clothes on the floor and the room empty. John had returned to work, I have served my use and it was time to leave.

As I drove back down the drive, my ass sore and with John's cum still inside me; I realized that the entire experience had turned me on more than I had ever been before.

but I wanted another taste of that cock.

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JoJojinn 05.08.2018
My favorite John McCain video besides thumbs down.
Mikazuru 08.08.2018
Is it what you read in the dictionary? Fascinating.
Dakree 15.08.2018
Want some facts Jenny. Economy booming 4 million jobs created/ 3.9 million off welfare. 65 year high women in work force/ historic lows black and Hispanic unemployment. Right track wrong track historic highs. consumer confidence through the roof /vets employment 10 year high/ 400 thousand manufacturing jobs/ estimated 4 trillion to be repatriated/ 10 trillion dollars in added wealth/ stock markets 401 ks booming/ energy independence/ estimated 20 billion dollars in manufacturing commitments over next decade. Gdp 4.1 and climbing/ veteran choice and countabilty act. Saved tax payers 10s of billions in new trade deals/ crippling sanctions on Iran Russia/ turkey/ noko. Slashed job killing regulations/ lower takes/ hostages released/ vets remains returned from noko. Energy independence the number 1 exporter of oil. Red lines drawn and enforced/ no open mikes / no unmasking/ no apology tours. Shall I continue Jenny/ no collusion / no Benghazi/ no fast and furious/ no irs scandals / no selling are uranium to the Russians. Isis on the run. So please cut the crap. Go stick with the following misfits. Lee/ waters/ Perez/pelosi/ booker / warren/ Harris. A list of do nothing open borders / high taxes / abolish ice / alinsky ites. No if you'll excuse me I'm back to the military channel . Oh Jenny forgot 2 term president.
Faular 20.08.2018
Right ..and anytime you feel the need to run do it . :P
Mezilmaran 21.08.2018
"They want single payer healthcare and affordable college."
Shalkis 26.08.2018
When did you start allowing people to leave?
Julkis 27.08.2018
Give one Hot Topic of the Day ( In one word) ,then Everyone can Elaborate on it
Shajar 28.08.2018
Funny how the liberal left saw Mc Cain in much more negative light until he began voting with the dem party. Now he?s their hero. Hypocrites all. They?ve forgotten their comments about him as he ran for the presidency.

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