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No, the family specifically said anti immigrant.

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Brajind 26.05.2018
Learn to read, where did I say "FBI definition of mass shooting"?
Nigul 27.05.2018
I mean before the American people duly elected our current President.
Zololkree 31.05.2018
You?re not to familiar with the Dixie-Crats, are you?
Tataur 04.06.2018
Sorry to hear that.
Domuro 12.06.2018
<sarcasm>Well, at least no religions have ever done that!</sarcasm>
JoJojora 20.06.2018
It's BS paperwork and after all that the fked bureaucracy still has 65 BILLION a year in fraud
Fenrinris 29.06.2018
The best no-nonsense politician ever! They just stop makin honorable people like him. I really hope he left a video or something behind telling people how bad Trump is as a president, who cares now I?m dead!
Kamuro 07.07.2018
This op is a subtle straw man - posing that outsiders have the problem of ignorance with fear as a symptom. This isn?t accurate, many of us here are well informed of the fundamentals and more, of Islam. It?s because of this we can rationally criticize such bad ideas and point to their terrible outcomes in real world examples. Throwing out words like ?bigot? against people that criticize these ideas also serves to distract from the point we?re trying to get at, which is not to discriminate against peaceful followers of Islam but rather to focus on the inhumanity of the doctrine.

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