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Yet you can?t articulate how. Interesting

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Faekinos 08.04.2018
Gee... and here I was reading this channel where insults are removed and called what they are... But I guess that's only when the insults don't mesh into some of the moderators' thinking? Where are you Andrew? Gonna do your job?
Grogal 10.04.2018
Do you suppose the pollster for-warned those being polled that health care for all will cost $32.6 trillion over the next decade? That corporate AND individual tax rates will DOUBLE, and they will also have to pay a VAT of 5% on everything they purchase! Or did they try Bernie's trick of NOT explaining the costs? LOL
Aragrel 20.04.2018
There is lost of interest and total and complete rejection. Not sure where you fall in that spectrum.
Dukinos 25.04.2018
Because I read a lot, and write a lot, and if I read too much of the same thing for too long I can adopt that tone.
Torisar 02.05.2018
No, it again means you're intentionally misrepresenting what I am saying. How Title X receives funding has nothing to do with how they pay claims to providers. That means you were and still are lying.
Grotaxe 11.05.2018
You do to declare what's off-topic. I would know.
Gror 21.05.2018
That?s cooo :)
Vimi 31.05.2018
Would "Gun Free Zone?" for a sign suit you better? All the school shootings occurred in "Gun Free Zones."

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