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No one controls SCOTUS BUT the original intent of the Constitution, now that we have strict constructionists in then majority!

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Pipe anal video Anal fatties
Pipe anal video Anal fatties
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Nikolkis 31.07.2018
High on you! Bam!!!!
Shakagore 02.08.2018
They are trying to run out the clock. Mutller is what was once called a ?hood?.
Tacage 03.08.2018
Oh stop. IF for whatever reason Trump were to vacate the POTUS-ship, Pence would take over and the funny part is that he would make Trump look liberal! Careful what ya wish for!
Gardanris 06.08.2018
Now u have no choice but to dream about that tonight ???? lol
Yozshutilar 08.08.2018
YUP and we know it did. I really like you as a person and you know that.
Shakakus 18.08.2018
Again what difference dies that make to tjose killed? There might be more killed with thermo nuclear weapons but a nuke detonated in a New York skyscrapers would kill millions.
Gukora 24.08.2018
Sadly, it's the truth on most days for me anymore... (:
Zulabar 27.08.2018
You might want to read the rule directly preceding the rule that you cite. Wonder why the two adjacent rules seem contradictory?
Tygogor 28.08.2018
so you would have minimum wage be REDUCED until it's gone completely? really?
Dalkree 30.08.2018
That makes so much more sense than the original version. xD

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