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John had still not told me much about himself but he'd succeeded in making me horny, and a bit reckless. I had been talking up what I would love to ledbian and didn't want to back down now. I agreed to come over and meet him. I found the hotel, one of those ex-country house hotels; very up market and not easy to find.

As I drove down the drive, I felt my heart rate increase as I contemplated what may be about to happen; I'd only ever kissed one guy before and was nervous about how Japanrse John would expect me to go. As I stepped out of my car and approached the front door, it opened a crack.

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yes that is what i said, Lord of the rings is a movie. Whether it is an interpretation based on a book, or set of books, is not relevant to my statement.

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I don't have an issue with religious monuments, they don't bother me at all.

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