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She can't. She has gone to the limit of her epistemological model. Any further statement collapses the premise.

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Free nude nudism family
Free nude nudism family
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That's a separate issue that is irrelevant to the question of whether God exists.
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19 out of 135 million proves how easy it is done? Did you mean to post the dumbest comment ever?
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I have no idea. I would say data is insufficient at this time to create a theory. We're barely at the level of hypotheses.
Arakinos 11.04.2018
Were it my land and property being seized? Yup. I'd leave nothing behind for them to loot. Not a tractor, not a pen, not a barn, not even the ability to use the land to grow crops. They can have the salted barren earth and try to make something of it, like Ellis Wyatt.
Gardakora 18.04.2018
Mine is ????

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