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This still doesn't negate the fact you only talked about change. You didn't specify any particular kind of change in your original comment. I remarked on that, saying that even novels can change you on the inside. Then you moved goalposts.

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Men with puffy assholess
Men with puffy assholess
Men with puffy assholess
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Kelrajas 16.03.2018
Why do you hate trans people?
Mekora 26.03.2018
aa vibe I memean
Gozilkree 28.03.2018
He does not step into our lives, unless invited.
Tygoramar 30.03.2018
But that does not mean the deity has to do everything that is possible.
Douhn 02.04.2018
Well 3/22 is
Kagarg 09.04.2018
You?re replying to me, guy
Samusho 15.04.2018
Going to be on Disqus and Discord, also watching TV. lol
Voran 18.04.2018
i wish i could draw that god

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