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It all depends on what Trump says, of course.

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The tights with chloroform
The tights with chloroform
The tights with chloroform
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Tygojind 26.03.2018
yeh, sure, "pushed"
Taum 02.04.2018
No you don't. Men can be pigs and think with the wrong organ. If a woman is going to make the decision to spread her legs and doesn't want a baby she sure has heck should make sure she's protected.
Mazahn 06.04.2018
"The cause for the universe could be any natural force, it doesn't need to be a creator."
Shale 09.04.2018
"dating after so many years of not dating is just so weird. You're a fortunate man my friend. :)
Gazahn 18.04.2018
Thank you!!! I'm blushing
Tojamuro 20.04.2018
I don't blame ya! No lie, I am a Dodge fan for the Challys. . . but Chevy is my second pick. . . BM's are nice too. . .
Mahn 27.04.2018
There is yet another possibility which is that none of this is really happening, I'm just dreaming.
Barr 05.05.2018
I like that...
Mazilkree 09.05.2018
Not every job is meant to support a family. It's nonsense to think a minimum wage job should pay for a family of 5 on one income. Simply insanity by the left.

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